5. February 2016

2π bei Rolf Sachs


Over the years the famous, German Artist, Rolf Sachs has designed several watches for FORTIS.

His latest creation is a symbol for the symbiosis of mathematical order and the natural chaos of life.

Conceptual artist and designer Rolf Sachs, recognized for his distinctive multidisciplinary approach, has created another limited art edition watch for Swiss watch maker FORTIS.

π is a mathematical constant, seen everywhere in our daily lives. It exists in the shape of our eye or the ripples of a splashing raindrop. And though we try to bring order to our lives, we often fail, because Time – like our existence – is too fluid, chaotic and inconstant. This watch brings together the order and chaos and uses mathematics, as i’s inspiration; highlighting our desire to control Time – something we strive for, but can never achieve. This remarkable timepiece has a 42 mm Ø case coated in black PVD. The white dial is fully covered in white Superluminova and together with the colorful drawings this watch is a perfectly balanced and highly functional piece of art. The FORTIS 2π of the 2015 Terrestis Collection is a limited edition of 150 pieces worldwide.