5. February 2016

Fürstenberg Polo Turnier –

September 2015

FORTIS again conducted the legendary „Fürstenberg Polo Cup“ in Donaueschingen as official time keeper in September this year. In three exctiting and spectacular days of the elitist game, 6 international teams competeted against each other. Like any other year spectators were able to watch a phenomenal show between the horse rider and its sport horse.


Next to the highlights on the pitch, guests and spectators were also entertained appropriately. Elegant tents of diverse sponsors and financiers presented their jewelery and gifts next to exquisit finger food and ice cold drinks. Alongside various members from politics and business, Maximilian Spitzy, CEO from FORTIS, showed up at the event.


Team „Octogne“ with Emanuele Boni, Edouard Guerrand-Hermès and Nico Lopez won the cup and received the trophy. Additionally the proud winner team gained the new FORTIS Terrestis Orchestra a.m. At last we congratulate the winners and the organisers for the fantastic event and we are really looking forward to the 2016 Polo Cup in Donaueschingen!