5. February 2016

REGIOMESSE Zofingen 2015

This year’s Regio-Exhibition was a great success for the event’s organizers as well as for the exhibitors.

FORTIS and Uhren Brunner from Zofingen, Switzerland, teamed up and presented the current collection. A simple, yet elegant exhibition booth.
As the masses came to have a look at FORTIS’s beautiful timepieces, the team of Uhren Brunner welcomed each and every one of them with a friendly smile and great service. Questions were answered and new FORTIS fans born. Team Uhren Brunner did a marvelous job representing FORTIS.


At first the Regio-exhibition in Zofingen seems like a rather unusual venue to showcase luxury-brand watches like FORTIS. Walter Vogt, who founded FORTIS in 1912 was a strong believer in the local/home market. His philosophy was a strong home-base is essential in order to achieve global success. This philosophy is still today, over 100 years later, what drives FORTIS to its achievements.


The booth represented the four worlds of FORTIS: Cosmonautis, Aviatis, Terrestis and Aquatis. A define and clear separation of four worlds which tells the customer to understand FORTIS’s fields of expertise at one glance.


Many thanks goes out to the Team of Uhren Brunner for their great work and support.