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Apr 13, 2021
13:13:37 PM

Meet the new AMADEE-20

This is not a moon watch.

A Tool Watch is more than useful features in a scratch-resistant case. It is about connecting team, spirit and purpose. Fortis AMADEE-20 has been developed with just that in mind: to support the human race on their way to Mars. It is a piece of human history.

It is THE space watch!

The Mission.
Between 04 – 31 October 2021, the Austrian Space Forum will conduct an integrated Mars analog fi eld mission in the Negev Desert in Israel. The AMADEE-20 Mars simulation will be  carried out in a Martian terrestrial analog and directed by a dedicated Mission Support Center in Austria. A small field crew of highly trained analog astronauts with spacesuit simulators will conduct experiments preparing for future human and robotic Mars exploration missions.
The Watch.
Created in partnership with the Austrian Space Forum, the Fortis AMADEE-20 supports the analog astronauts on their mission in the desert of Israel and in the Mission Support Center in  Innsbruck. Each and every detail has a specific function. From the Mission Control Bezel to the Hook Strap, Fortis has redefined the tool watch in its very core.


The Future.

The perfect companion for trailblazers. For visionaries who inspire our world and beyond. For those who change tomorrow. For pioneers, explorers and future Martians.

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