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Sep 06, 2019
00:13:51 AM
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Cástor Fantoba celebrating new title as Vice World Champion 2019

The aerobatic flight pilot Cástor Fantoba has won the silver medal in the 30th edition of the World Aerobatic Championship last week in Châteauroux-Déols, France. The Spanish Pro secured 2nd place out of 61 pilots from 18 countries.

The American Rob Holland (gold medal) and Czech Martin Sonka (bronze) joined Cástor Fantoba on the podium.

“ Winning the silver medal in Freestyle Aerobatics is an achievement I am very proud of. My next goal is the gold medal in this discipline which I am very passionate about ” said Cástor Fantoba.

Fantoba, who won the European champion title in 2014 and nine times the Spanish Champion title among many other international and national achievements, flew a Sukhoi 26, a single-seater plane with a Vedeneyev M14PF engine of more than 400 hp, one of the most powerful and reliable in the world aerobatic circuit. Both the fuselage, the propeller and the engine are manufactured to withstand extreme conditions of up to 25 times the acceleration of gravity (G), both positive and negative.

Always relying on the tools

The prestigious Swiss watchmaker FORTIS are delighted to have been a part of Fantoba’s journey since 2017 and will continue to support the aerobatic talent and look forward to join him on his next celebration on the podium.

“We are always trying to perfect the perfection – since 1912. With Cástor we met a person that follows the same paths and that is why we are very proud to be the official timekeeper during his outstanding aerobatic flights and a reliable companion throughout.”

To learn more about the pilot and his upcoming schedule, visit his website www.unlimitedaerobatics.com.