24. března 2017

Conceptual Artist Rolf Sachs Presents Latest Collaboration with Fortis:


Recognized for his multidisciplinary approach, artist Rolf Sachs presents the handcrafted ‘2.4ml’ watch as his fourth collaboration with Fortis. The limited edition watch will be unveiled by Fortis at Baselworld, March 23- 28, 2017.

Sachs’s passion for experimentation motivates him to challenge the applications of existing materials, processes and everyday objects, a theme visible throughout his artistic practice.

Drawing inspiration from scientific methods and taking a fresh and unexpected approach to watch design, Sachs adopts the process and visual language of laboratories and laboratory glassware to create the ‘2.4ml’ watch.

Sachs applies the process of “ambering” (amber staining), a completely new technique in watchmaking, to the glass surface of the watch to replicate the visual language of ‘graduation’ marks typically found on laboratory measuring instruments. This process is carried out by hand and involves applying the artwork directly onto the glass surface, dipping it into the amber stain tank and baking it in a high-temperature industrial oven. This leaves the watch with the numerals, graduated minute, hour indices and logos directly cauterized onto the scratch resistant glass surface. This technical, yet handcrafted process results in slight variations in finish and colour, making each piece slightly unique.

Sachs explains,

I am always in the search for the new. For this artist-edition, I was inspired by the visuals and techniques found in chemistry laboratories and adapted the process of scientific‚ ambering‘ to create a completely new way of crafting a time piece for Fortis, printing the glass instead of the dial.”

The name ‘2.4ml’ is in direct reference to the volume of air contained between the glass surface of the watch and its dial. All visual elements, including the steel housing and the hands, in combination with the orange-red silicone strap, mirror the techniques and formal language of a scientific laboratory. These specifics underline the detail-oriented artistic approach to the entire design process.

Sachs has long shown a fascination with manipulating and re-adapting scientific glassware and processes, which can be seen in his well-known collection of sculptural ‘neon’ lights and the ‘chemie’ light series.

The ‘2.4ml’ watch will be available as a limited edition of 150 pieces worldwide.

About Rolf Sachs:
The work of Rolf Sachs (b. 1955 in Lausanne, Switzerland) moves freely between art and design, always aiming to surprise audiences through an inquisitive and conceptual approach. He searches for the unconventional and the unexpected, a philosophy reflected in the breadth of projects he works on, ranging from photography, sculpture, installations, and architectural projects to set design for opera and ballet.

For more than thirty years his work has been exhibited internationally in art and design galleries, as well as in museums like the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. His interdisciplinary conceptual approach has formed the foundation for many creative commissions from a wide host of companies and institutions such as Les Ballets and Opéra de Monte Carlo, the Hessisches Staatsheater Wiesbaden, Leica Camera AG and others, where Sachs has consistently emphasised and explored the close relationship between art and design.