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B-42 Integriertes braunes Lederband mit weißer Kontrastnaht

CHF 130 REF: B3000064

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Klassisch elegantes braunes Lederarmband aus feinstem Rindsleder mit weißer Kontrastnaht. Das integrierte Band passt perfekt an B-42 Gehäuse.

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    Leather is a wonderful natural product. It is extremly durable and longlasting. When it comes to cleaning please always be careful and try first on hidden spots. Wipe off moisture and sweat as soon as possible by gently rubbing it with a soft dry cloth, and place it in a well-ventillated area after removing it from the wrist. Do not expose your watch to sunlight for extened periods (eg. on a car dashboard) since this may lead to discoloration/transformation/breakage of your watch’s leather strap. The colors of our leather straps may vary slightly. This is not a quality defect; rather it underlines the fact that they are made from a naturally derived product.

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