14. September 2016

Airpower 2016

High-Flyers over Austria

…and FORTIS is on board!

AIRPOWER is Austria’s airshow. In 2016, for what will be the sixth time, the event will be organised by the Austrian Armed Forces in collaboration with partners Red Bull and the province of Styria. Since the inaugural event in 2003, this spectacular airshow has been attended by up to 300,000 fans each time.

Frecce Tricolori. Patrouille de France. Patrulla Aguila. The teams names already water the airshow fans eyes. The maneuvers that have been drawn from Europe’s most fearless pilots with their speedy fighter jets in the Styrian sky astonished at every time the AIRPOWER viewers and the FORTIS TEAM .

©Andreas Macher

Also the Austrian Armed Forces presented their aircrafts and skills. Two Euro Fighter were the key focus. The pilots demonstrated a scramble, pursued a C-130 Hercules and forced them under an intercept to landing.

©Bundesheer (Horst Gorup)

©Bundesheer (Horst Gorup)

With another huge training exercise for the case of emergency the Austrian Air Force showed with the utmost precision their helping capabilities in missions where others can no longer be of help.

©Bundesheer (Andreas Macher)

Additionally numerous other air forces in showed up with their military aerobatics teams. For the first time at the Airpower the Swiss presented their PC7-TEAM. With new dynamic formations and a stunning program, the pilots showed the performance of the Swiss Air Force and impressed the audience with the famous Swiss craftsmanship.

©Bundesheer (Markus Zinner)

©Bundesheer (Markus Zinner)

Being the outfitter for more than 70 squadrons the team of FORTIS Austria could not miss out on that event.

©Bernhard Mayrbäurl

In the lounge of the Austrian Air Force pilots and spectators could not only admire the impressive maneuvers of all squadrons and the beautifully restored aircrafts of the Flying Bulls, but also check out the latest pilot and Cosmonauts watches from FORTIS.


A special highlight for visitors and space fans was an original spacesuit of FORTIS Space Partners ROSCOSMOS.

f.l.t.r.: Aeromaster Steel Chronograph, Flieger Professional Chronograph, Aeromaster Stealth Chronograph

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©John M. Dibbs

©John M. Dibbs

We would like to thank the organizing team of the Austrian Armed Forces, Red Bull, the Province of Styria and the team of the Austrian Air Force for the great AIRPOWER 2016. We are looking forward to seeing you again.

©Red Bull Content Pool (Joerg Mitter)

©Red Bull Content Pool (Joerg Mitter)

and if you want to enjoy the AIRPOWER again…Highlights Red Bull TV-Zusammenfassung or ORF-Zusammenfassung

Further impressions

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