8. July 2016

Road show résumé

Thanks to all who visited the event!

We have been fortunate this year to welcome record crowds at our first two Road Shows in San Francisco and New York.

The feedback we continue to receive is that visitors appreciate the “calm, no pressure” environment to see a very large number of watches on display and the ability to stay as long as they like, ask many questions and to physically handle the watches in person.

We view these shows as an educational process, and our focus is providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to learn about brands that may not be familiar to everyone who visits.

Our Road Shows are now in their ninth year, and although we have been copied to a certain degree by others, we are proud that we are sticking to our original “secret sauce” – let the watches be the stars.

This is why we don’t use elaborate displays, video projections, loud music or other props typically used in watch shows but instead place 100% of the focus on the watches in private and comfortable settings.

Our next shows are in Orange County, CA, Chicago, Washington, DC and Houston, with more to follow this year (Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, Dallas, Miami and Phoenix are under final consideration).

We appreciate the support that we have received from our many brands in supplying sample BaselWorld 2016 watches as well as promotional support through your social media and web sites.

And finally, we’d like to thank our first honorary guests this year – Nicole Bausch from Sinn in Germany who visited us in San Francisco, and Andreas Bentele from Fortis in Switzerland who visited us in New York.

We look forward to welcoming Felix Wallner, CEO of Hanhart watches and Max Spitzy, CEO of Fortis watches to our Road Shows in Chicago and Washington, DC.

We provide updates as we roll out more shows this year, but in summary we are extremely pleased both with the large turnout and the highly qualified (and well educated) visitors we have welcomed at our first two shows.

We also continue to feel that this “one on one” personal approach to marketing provides a unique opportunity to expose the outstanding brands that we are fortunate to represent.

Rob and Tim