24. March 2017



SPACEMATIC – a symbol of the long watchmaking history of FORTIS but also one of the signature products that were born in collaboration with the Russian Space Agency ROSCOSMOS.

Like the name Stratoliner, the designation Spacematic has been already protected by Fortis in the 1970s. But even before this time – in the 60s – the Spacematic model belonged to the portfolio in different variaties. One of the first models was the Spacematic “ar” (all risks), which was supported to the space crew of the American Gemini program. At the beginning of the new millennium, the Spacematic launched a watch line with a traditionally rich name. The requirements were unique in design, high functionality and good readability, robustness and user friendliness, in addition to pure materials and perfect processing. Five different mechanical movements were produced: DAY / DATE ECO with hybrid movement, automatic DAY / DATE, GMT with separate 2nd time zone, chronograph and chronograph ALARM.To this day the Spacematic is a timeless, elegant watch with high recognition. Today Fortis focuses mainly on the subject of readability without making any compromises in design. With the Spacematic Steel (623.10.18) and also in the Stealth (623.18.18) variaty, a new classic is launched in the field of space watches.

Spacematic has always been the epitome of perfection, simplicity and timelessness, and so it is today. Framed by the 40mm steel case, the new Spacematic face shows up in matt black with white highlights. The white was also integrated into the hands. To match this, there are various leather and metal bands as well as the seamlessly developed Spacematic rubber and silicone straps.