8. February 2016

Inside Fortis

The maxims of founder Walter Vogt were to create nothing less than the most reliable watches in the world; an outstanding, quality Swiss product which deserved the name of FORTIS.

fortis (latin) {adj.}

[1] strong, powerful [2] lasting, solid

[3] bold, brave, fearless


Today, more than 100 years after the Grenchenbased headquarters released the first watches, Walter Vogt’s vision lives on in every FORTIS. To this day, every FORTIS is still hand-finished. The tests for accuracy and waterproof performance are the only processes which are automated. Because nothing can replace the skill of the experienced hands of a watchmaker. This way of thinking has become rare in this day and age. But, as an independent family company the best requirements were given to play according to our own rules and to view quality work as the greatest priority. A clear sign for FORTIS’ qualitative and unique positioning is the fact that the models in the Cosmonautis Collection have been part of the standard equipment for the Russian aerospace travel since 1994 and must therefore be able to withstand exorbitant pressure. The step into outer space reflects the pioneering spirit which has always – since FORTIS’ invention of mass-produced automatic wristwatches (Harwood, 1926) – characterised the DNA of the company in Grenchen. As well as technical innovations such as the recent first chronograph with alarm and GMT functions, FORTIS also stands for trendsetting design. In the mid-80s, the Flieger Classic range triggered a worldwide trend towards larger casings which has endured to this day and which was subsequently awarded the Aviation Watch Award in 2004. Now, FORTIS has translated these and other design classics for the new millennium – and in doing so, has sent the next generation into its maturation process towards becoming a design classic.