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Aug 13, 2021
00:00:13 AM

Flieger. Redefined.

After the very successful launch of the Fortis Flieger collection in 2020, another milestone is set with the release of the Fortis Flieger F-41 and F-39 Midnight Blue Models.

What makes the new models outstanding is the focus on sustainability. The sturdy Flieger case comes in 39mm resp. 41mm and both are made from recycled steel. The Indigo Aviator Strap is from sustainable resources, olive leaf tanned and hand made in Germany.

The unique elements such as the Brixtrack® and the Synchroline® are again an essential part of the new models.

A further highlight of the 2021 versions is the brushed Midnight Blue dial with orange accents.

Both models come on the aforementioned Indigo Aviator Strap. Of course, the statement Block Bracelet including the fine adjustment Slide Clasp is an additional option.

„Ohne Flieger wäre der Himmel nur Luft“

Created with great love and attention to detail, the Flieger Midnight Blue is a tool watch of highest quality. It is sturdy, durable and luxurious. Truly redefined. A timepiece to create memories and stories. All day every day. For everyone. You. Me. Even pilots.