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Mar 04, 2022
12:46:19 PM

Fortis and Aviation: How it all started

Fortis is the epitome of pilot’s tool watches. But do you know how it all started? Here is an insight…

In 1929 Lady Grace Drummond-Hay, a British journalist, took the first automatic watch in the world – the Harwood by Fortis for the first around-the-world trip in a Zeppelin LZ 127. The flight was completed in several stages, travelling eastwards between August 1st to September 4th, 1929.

The flight of Lady Drummond-Hay inspired Walter Vogt to pursue aviation inspired watches in the decades to follow.

Years later in 1987, inspired by the functional designs of the B-Uhr made during WWII, Fortis released the quartz Sky-watch, quickly followed by an automatic version based on the same design, effectively setting a trend for B-Uhr inspired watches.


At the advent of the new millenium, Fortis decided to refresh its collection and released a new version of the Flieger featuring a 42mm case, dubbed the B-42 case. The letter “B” was an homage to the legendary B-Uhr.

In 2020 we joined forces with one of Switzerland’s best Watch Designers – Xavier Perrenoud – to redefine the Flieger.
The new Flieger Collection consists of amazing designs and functionalities. But we are not finished. We will continue redefining the tool watch and manufacturing some of the most epic watches on the planet and beyond.
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