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Jul 23, 2019
14:31:25 PM

Fortis becomes “Official Timekeeper” of FC St. Gallen 1879

With the start of the season, the oldest football club on mainland Europe is looking forward to a very special new player. From the 1st of July the independent watch brand FORTIS based in Grenchen will be the “OFFICIAL TIMEKEEPER” of FC St. Gallen 1879.

“As an Eastern Swiss by choice, it is of particular concern to me and a great pleasure, to accompany the traditional club” (Jupp Philipp, owner of FORTIS Watches AG).

The FC. St. Gallen founded in 1879, today with Matthias Hüppi as its president, is happy to have found a partner with tradition and independence.

“I am proud to be able to wear such a high-quality, timeless and robust watch that is also a Swiss quality product. On field, things can get crazy from time to time and that is why robustness and quality are in demand on and off the field,” says coach Peter Zeidler.

Matthias Hüppi (President FCSG1879) putting on his brand new Aeromaster Steel Chronograph

Fortis, founded in 1912 and still privately owned, has always produced functional and robust timepieces. Known for its reliable pilot watches, Fortis has acquired many skills in this field, which are still appreciated today by their owners, for example the pilots of the PC-7 TEAM. For more than 25 years Fortis even the sky has not been enough. After many endurance tests Fortis became the official outfitter of all Russian cosmonauts.

“On the way to Mars we now make a stop in Eastern Switzerland” (JP)

In September 2018, the Swiss entrepreneur Jupp Philipp, who had chosen Eastern Switzerland as his home, took over the traditional brand with pure passion and a strong vision. “It’s about being a reliable companion – in all situations – without frills” (JP)

“And this is exactly what unites us in our partnership and values,” says Matthias Hüppi, Managing Director of FCSG. Already on his wrist: the FORTIS Aeromaster Chronograph.

FC St. Gallen 1879 is delighted to have found an OFFICIAL TIMEKEEPER that also stands for reliability, emotion and passion. Both companies have a long tradition, are firmly anchored in Switzerland: A perfect basis for a successful future together.