Fürstenberg Polo Cup 2016

With a last-minute strike Team Fortis wins 7:6.5 against Team Octogone

In bright sunshine last weekend the eight teams of Fürstenberg Polo Cup presented by Berenberg played the Gold and Silver Cup.

In an exciting final, the team Fortis won against Team Octogone with 7: 6.5 with an extremely tight victory at the very last minute. Said so the Gold Cup goes to Switzerland to the official timekeeper of the tournament, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Fortis. 

The Silver Cup was won by the team Maserati, who won 6 to 2.5 against Team Berenberg. Although the crown prince couple Fürstenberg and their team Graf von Faber-Castell won the first match with 5:2 against Team Trigema, they had to back off in the final. A total of eight teams in the medium goal class fought for the gold and silver cup. As an integral part of the international polo scene with players from Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil and Argentina is the “Fürstenberg Polo Cup presented by Berenberg” since 2007 an integral part of the German Polo scene and attracts thousands of visitors from the region and the Swiss surroundings to Donaueschingen. 

Presenting sponsor of the tournament was the private bank Berenberg. Founded in 1590 owner-managed bank with headquarters in Hamburg and Stuttgart and 18 other locations at home and abroad has been involved for more than ten years in polo and is the main sponsor of some of the most prestigious tournaments in Germany. The teams were also generously supported by Graf von Faber-Castell, the textile company Trigema, Bad Dürrheimer Mineralbrunnen, the Financial Services Octogone, the dealership A. Gohm from Singen (Maserati) and the Autohaus Graf Hardenberg. Official timekeeper of the tournament is the Swiss luxury watch brand Fortis.

Of course, Fortis CEO, Maximilian Spitzy was very proud to hand over the watches for the winning team himself.

First: Fortis (Emanuele Boni (HCP 0), Edouard Guerrand Hermes (HCP 0), Nico Lopez (HCP +3), Marcello Caivano (+3))
Second: Octogone
Third: Graf Hardenberg
Fourth: Graf von Faber-Castell (mit Erbprinz und Erbprinzessin Christian zu Fürstenberg)