A perfect partnership

FORTIS is very pleased and proud that the cooperation with the aviation company of AIR-GLACIERS has been realized and FORTIS is now the official timekeeper. The history of FORTIS’s aviation history plays an important role in this partnership. Like FORTIS, AIR-GLACIERS is one of the most traditional Swiss brands, which has been independently active since its establishment in 1965.

From left to right: Bruno Bagnoud, CEO AIR-GLACIERS / Diana Stettler, Marketing Sion / Andreas Bentele, Sales and Marketing Director FORTIS / Michael Jaun, Pilot & Head of Base Lauterbrunnen

At the start of this great collaboration, FORTIS provides the employees of AIR-GLACIERS with a total of ten specially designed Flieger Professional Chronographs.

AIR-GLACIERS – Rescue flights and more!

Already since 1965, AIR-GLACIERS, headquartered in Sion, has been in the service of people. AIR-GLACIERS was founded by Bruno Bagnoud, a pioneer with great visions. In Switzerland, AIR-GLACIERS has more than seven bases, mainly covering the Valais area. The 2 Bernese Bases, Saanen and Lauterbrunnen, are important strategic bases in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Not only are gondolas installed, heli-skiers are dropped off on peaks, scenic and transport flights are completed. Day after day, the team of the AIR-GLACIERS rescues desperate alpinists or skiers in the Swiss Alps.

As an owner of an AIR- GLACIERS “Rescue Card”, you can also benefit from the fast and professional emergency aid of the AIR-GLACIERS in an emergency!

Charter Flights

AIR-GLACIERS also offers charter flights from Sion, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Geneva to Corsica, Elba and St. Tropez with the two-engine turboprop airplanes King-Air 200 (BE20) during the summer season. July, September and October, 3 flights from Berne to St. Tropez are offered.

AIR-GLACIERS has recently operated with a Business Jet of the type Citation M2. Whether businessmeeting in Bruxelles or spa trip for pleasure – AIR-GLACIERS flies you safely and quickly to any destination of your choice.

We at FORTIS are really looking forward to have a longlasting – hopefully neverending – partnership with AIR-GLACIERS – a company that saves lifes, since 1965. From the pillars of their brand and company we share the same ideas and visions.

To learn more about AIR-GLACIERS please follow the link.

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