Air Summit Portugal

FORTIS: Official Timekeeper

The industry’s most significant entities will embark on a comprehensive discussion on the future of aviation and aeronautics during 4 days’ span & FORTIS is proud to be the official timekeeper for the whole event!

This sponsorship is part of the push that FORTIS and its local distributor, SRI, is making in the Portuguese market, in order to reinforce the awareness of the brand and, at the same time, further establishing it as the definitive watch brand for aviation and aeronautics professionals and enthusiasts.

FORTIS is already very well known in Portugal by both civil and military pilots. Special editions of FORTIS chronographs have been made through the years for the pilots of the national airline, TAP Portugal, and of several military squadrons of the Portuguese Air Force.

The summit’s programme will include several events focusing on the future of the industry and will include conferences, presentations, exhibitions, workshops and showcases with a special emphasis on unmanned aviation in civil and military applications. There will be an airshow on the event’s last day, complete with an acrobatic display on unmanned aircraft performance showcases.

The main goal of Portugal Air Summit 2017 is to foster entrepreneurship in the fields of aerial work and transport, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, its components and equipment, handling aviation related service delivery and provision, instruction and professional training in all areas of aeronautics, all the while promoting the Portuguese aircraft industry to national and international audiences…

Portugal Air Summit 2017 will be centered on unmanned aviation and will provide forums for the discussion of new rules concerning operational conditions regulating air space usage of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS – vulgarly known as “Drones”), strategies for new business development, in addition to basic and advanced training workshop field related subjects. Some latest technology, society changing systems will also be showcased, as they will no doubt become part of everyday life in a very near future.

Taking place in a superb venue, “Portugal Air Summit 2017” aims to promote national and international entities, both privately and publicly owned, that have influential and formal connections to the aeronautic sector’s various areas, that establish Portugal as a major player on the international aviation industry.

A group of prominent speakers coming from both publicly and privately owned firms will bring to the table subjects that will form the basis for the development of the aeronautical sector both now and in the future, bringing about the creation and adoption of legislative and regulatory measures in addition to research and development of new technological and industrial solutions. Moreover, this summit’s other major goal is to promote and implement training courses, mentorship and workshops that will take place in a purposely created exhibition center, where many national and international entities and companies will showcase the best of what’s being done both in Portugal and abroad.