Marc Rollier



Businessman and Turbine Legend Pilot



Known for


being a self confessed adrenaline junkie.

Marc is the epitome of perfectionism. He started swimming as a little boy. That turned into triathlon one day and if he hadn’t tragically suffered a double fatigue fracture he would have been rocking the Olympics for sure.

Of trying, failing and winning...

"When I do something, then I do it right with all extremes and consequences. " Marc Rollier, Turbine Legend Pilot

Fortis Local Hero Marc, Turbine Legend Owner & Pilot, loves the skies. Obviously. And he is a real adrenaline junkie.

Recently, he came up with the idea that he can recreate the crown from the Fortis logo by flying and making it visible on the flight radar. Watch here what it took to do it and how it ended…

Marc Rollier Fortis Local Hero and Turbine Legend Pilot
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Marc recreating the Fortis Crown in his Turbine Legend at 600km/h.
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Who is Marc?
I always did exactly as I pleased. It was fun and I learnt a lot. No regrets and I can say, that I am perfectly happy with what I've got. Don't need more. Everything is perfect.
"My motto is: do it today and not tomorrow. Enjoy the day, by all means. But if you have something in mind, then do it now. Tomorrow could be too late." Marc.