Romano Mombelli



Open Water Swimmer



Known for


being an long distance open water swimmer.
First person ever to swim across Lake Lucerne.

Romano is a very quiet guy. Self-conscious.

His biggest dream is to master the Ocean’s Seven – a 7-part long distance swimming challenge which is considered the equivalent of the mountaineers’ Seven Summits.

So far, only twenty people across five continents have mastered the Ocean’s Seven and Romano would be the first Swiss to master it. Besides many other long distances, Romano has already done the Strait of Gibraltar which is a part of the Ocean’s Seven.

Six other straits are still waiting for him, whereby the English Channel will of course be the most iconic crossing. However, the adventure is not only presenting dangers in the water, but Romano also has to overcome other difficulties, his undertaking presents.

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Meet Romano Mombelli

The real challenge

The constant alternation between the fight against the forces of nature and absolute synthesis with precisely these elements represents the maximum aquatic challenge for Romano.
Especially since, in addition to overcoming external factors, physical balance must also be maintained.

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The Ocean`s Seven: An endurance swimming challenge around the world

These exertions are rewarded by the unique feeling after successful realization of a project as well as the unforgettable experiences in untouched and original surroundings.

In addition to jellyfish, enormous cold, psychological stress and physical pain, the authorities often also pose a problem.

If you stand on the beach at night knowing that you will be swimming in total darkness in the Pacific Ocean for the next 12 hours, then fear can come over you. You don’t know what’s below you. All you see is the glowstick of the team boat. But you know that there are some of the most dangerous creatures below the surface. But not only the fear of the obvious is an issue. There are obstacles which are man made: Tickets to swim the English Channel are traded on the grey market, boats claim ridiculous prices for escorts and the official association is simply ignoring it.

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis all the challenges planned for 2020 (English Channel and the Santa Catalina Channel) are postponed to 2021. So stay tuned for the next episode right here.

Romano during his training in the Aare river in Solothurn late October. Water temperature: 11 °C

With his latest craze in August 2020, Romano has become the first person to swim across Lake Lucerne. A life dream and a personal challenge for Romano has been fulfilled and now he can look back to an unforgettable day, which was a prime example of team effort.

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We have accompanied Romano through one of his most challenging adventures. Watch the video and hear his impressions of the day.
"A mountain lake is never what it seems – it can be calm in the morning and couple of hours later turn into hell through unpredictable winds." Romano Mombelli, August 2020