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Jan 21, 2022
13:13:56 PM
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Outdoor Companion. Redefined.

In today’s fast-paced world taking a deep breath in nature and switching off from the daily rut is a treat you deserve more than you can imagine.

Switch off your wifi. Shift down a few gears. Go out. Explore nature. Fill your lungs. Touch, smell, listen. Feel the wind. Soak up in the sun. Keep your eyes on the Horizon.

Whether you go fishing, windsurfing, hiking or camping – we created the perfect outdoor companion. The new Marinemaster.

Since the early 50s, we have been manufacturing the particularly robust Marinemaster. Now, we have taken the icon and redefined it. The design, the function and the materials have been reconsidered with a lot of love to detail.

The new Marinemaster M-40 with its chronometer worthy performance movement comes in colours completely inspired by nature: woodpecker green, serenity blue, rockstone gray and snow white.
Marinemaster M-44 amber orange features the Kenissi manufacture calibre WERK 11. The whole collection utilises also new elements such as the Gear Bezel ®, the Horizon Strap ® and the patented Fortis Lock Sytem ®.

We are also very proud to continue our path in sustainability with all watch cases being produced in recycled steel.

The New Marinemaster. Your outdoor companion. Redefined. And you can even dive with it.

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The New Marinemaster. Your outdoor companion. Redefined.