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„Taking the next logical steps“

In 2015 we took an important step back to our roots and our early years of pioneering with the Terrestis Collection. Last year we have continued in this vein for 2016, though we are now focussing primarily on FORTIS’ domains in aerospace. It was FORTIS’ “Youngtimers” from the 80s and 90s which redefined the concept of functional design – particularly the Flieger and Official  Cosmonauts range. In 2017 we now enter new spheres within our main domain which is the Cosmonautis and Aviatis Collection and furthermore we created a new concept for the Aquatis Collection.

24. März 2017 Aeromaster Professional

The 2017 edition of the Aeromaster Professional sets an extraordinary highlight to this model line. …

24. März 2017 Conceptual Artist Rolf Sachs Presents Latest Collaboration with Fortis:

Recognized for his multidisciplinary approach, artist Rolf Sachs presents the handcrafted ‘2.4ml’ watch as his …

24. März 2017 Pilot Classic

The Pilot Classic series is a whole new edition in the section of pilots watches …

24. März 2017 Cockpit Chronograph

The cockpit of today’s aeroplanes may have been predominantly digitalised, but there is one instrument …

24. März 2017 Stratoliner

The stratosphere is part of the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. It is located between 15 …

24. März 2017 Shoreliner

As FORTIS is known for its rugged diving watches like the Marinemaster or Diver, the …

24. März 2017 Diver Black

Inspired by the Cosmonautis Collection, the FORTIS Diver Black was developed. Characterized by the high …

24. März 2017 Spacematic

SPACEMATIC – a symbol of the long watchmaking history of FORTIS but also one of …