Buckle & Seam





A Story of Heart & Soul

Consciously chosen balance of considerate production, high quality, and a fair price.

This is where design meets quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

Most of us take our access to education for granted. For women in Pakistan it remains a big challenge.

ANM School was founded 30 years ago thanks to a brave woman who decided to install a medical camp in a neighbourhood where women did not have access to healthcare. She quickly realised the women never received an education and decided to transform the camp into a school. She had to fight for years to legitimate the need for girls education and her little school.

When Buckle & Seam decided to partner up and help this microcosm improve and spread they have committed to giving 3% of their revenue per bag sold to a variety of educational initiatives such as TCF, ANM School and Deaf Reach among others.


The Good Stuff. Chosen For You.

We love the philosophy and the social engagement of Buckle & Seam. We admire their ability to melt beautiful design and sustainability into high quality bags and leatherware. And we are delighted to do our share to support them on their quest.

This is the reason we have chosen three items from their portfolio and are delighted to offer them to you exclusively with the Fortis branding.

Check them out here, place your order and join us in helping this great cause together with Buckle & Seam.