Cástor Fantoba





Currently third in the world in Freestyle, and Spanish National Champion in both Classical and Freestyle, Cástor was European Absolute Champion in 2014 and has been Spanish Unlimited Champion eight times. He has competed as a member of the Spanish National Team since 1999, accumulating 26 medals in World and European Championships and other FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) events. He has won a total of 45 medals in his career to date. He is an Aerobatic Flight Instructor.
He has a Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, is an airborne firefighter and
holds a Commercial Pilot’s License with Boeing B-737, 757 and 767 ratings.

Sukhoi 26M

The best aerobatic plane in the world. 400 HP and weighing 700 kg, after its first flight in 1984, it is still The King. With more power and traction than any other, the main challenge is taming this brutal mount. Few manage it, but for those that do, the result is awesome.

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