Lukas Müller





Hand in Hand with the Sharks.

Freediver Lukas Müller has a strong bond to the depths of the oceans and the wild animals living within.

Since the tender age of 3, Lukas is fascinated by sharks. It all began with the sighting of a Blue Shark on a family Holiday in Spain. While all beach guests on that day were petrified by the beast in the water, Lukas fell in love. From that moment on, he spent every free second underwater.

Lukas has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Marine Resources Management specialising in marine protected areas and sharks. Ever since he has dedicated his time and efforts to research, conservation and protection of marine life.

"The Striped Hunters" a short film by Lukas and Lenny

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"When we enter the ocean, we are guests. In the water, we are all the same. We are Monkeys trying to survive in an element alien to us." Lukas Müller, Watermonkey

Respect for people. Respect for nature.

According to Lukas, a Watermonkey is characterized by some basic values such as…


Respect for people. Respect for nature. Willingness to help both.


His aspiration is to join with other Watermonkeys to fight for a healthy ocean. He emphasizes the fact that each of us can help ensure that we coexist with the ocean’s wildlife.

To get close to sharks, freediving is essential because scuba divers are very noisy and the unfamiliar loud noises irritate and scare away the animals.

A partnership to dive for...

We are delighted to be partnering with Lukas to support him on his quest. We love his enthusiasm and what he stands for. Stay tuned to learn more about his story and future plans.

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