Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team





The PC-7 TEAM: Masters of Precision Flight

The PC-7 TEAM is the aerobatic display team of the Swiss Air Force for more than three decades. The team performs precision formations and manoeuvres at air shows and public events throughout Switzerland and other countries.

Dynamism – Elegance – Precision

The members of the team are all experienced pilots from the Swiss Air Force, carefully selected for their flying skills and professionalism.

The PC-7 TEAM‘s displays showcase the skills and professionalism of Swiss AirForce pilots, as well as the capabilities of the aircraft they fly.

Fortis Watches is collaborating with the PC-7 TEAM to showcase their shared dedication to precision, craftsmanship, and high-performance, as both the elite aerobatic team and Fortis embody these qualities in their respective fields.

The members of the team are all experienced pilots from the Swiss Air Force.

The Ultimate Wingman: Exceptional Precision Meets Bold Design.

Unveiling the Exclusive Flieger F-43 Triple-GMT PC-7 TEAM Edition, Limited to Just 100 PiecesWorldwide.

Developed in close collaboration with the pilots of the PC-7 TEAM, this is the fourth watch in a series designed to accommodate their specific needs during flights. The partnership between Fortis and the PC-7 TEAM has spanned 25 years, and this latest release is a testament to their enduring collaboration

The smoked sapphire caseback provides a fascinating glimpse into the beating heart, showcasing the intricate movement within.
The timepiece celebrates a 25-year partnership with the PC-7 TEAM and features cutting-edge technology designed and developed by pilots with their professional requirements in mind.