The Swedish Space Corporation SSC





Our new partner for successful space missions.

Helping Earth benefit from space:

The Swedish Space Corporation aka SSC is a leading global provider of advanced space services with more than fifty years of experience.

Since their inception, they are pioneering scientific rocket launches in northern Sweden and they have grown into a renowned, full-service supplier of state-of-the-art space engineering, satellite and launch services to commercial and institutional entities worldwide.

Ultimate expertise for testing and approving our watches in Space.

Upon our first discussions and meetings with SSC we realised the high quality expertise they bring to projects.

Their wide range of engineering services were exactly what we were looking for to test our redefined Space Watch Collections in actual open Space.

First Step: Stratosphere.

Testing WERK 17

The engineers of the Swedish Space Corporation were an integral part for the testing of WERK 17 – the first manufacture calibre specifically built for space.

In October 2021 we have sent the a number of movements into the Stratosphere, testing them under extreme conditions. The outcome was even better than expected.

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