PC-7 TEAM Aeromaster


Fortis & the PC-7 team celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Swiss air force display team.

When it comes to the perfection of details our motto is:

No Ifs, Ands or buts.

The UW-50C is a highly decorated and precise workhorse movement which withstands all the g-forces experienced during a fighter jet mission
The PC-7 TEAM got equipped in their training facilities at the military airport in Dübendorf, Zurich.
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Watch what the collaboration is all about
The signature embossing and the limited edition plaque show our love for details
Besides the chronograph there is also a three-hand version
Every PC-7 TEAM Aeromaster comes on a stainless steel bracelet with a special quick adjustable buckle.
A second strap made from one of the most durable materials - CORDURA - is added to every PC-7 TEAM watch incl. the tools to change it.