We are Fortis.

Tool Watch. Redefined.

Fortis Watches are an emblem of timelessness, reliability, and innovation that transcends the boundaries of convention. Over a century ago, we embarked on a journey not just to create watches, but to craft enduring companions for those who dare to chart their own course.

In the world of timekeeping, we are more than just a brand; we are a legacy. A legacy built on the solid foundations of family, dedication, and a vision that reaches beyond the stars. Our independence is not just a business model; it’s a testament to our commitment to authenticity and creative freedom, a commitment that sets us apart in an industry often bound by tradition.

Unleashing the power of precision engineering.

Our watches are not just instruments of time; they are tools of life. Instruments that embrace the inevitability of wear, the inevitability of living.

Fortis Watches are designed not just to tell time, but to absorb the tale of their wearer. Each scuff, each nick, each scratch etched onto our watches tells a story - your story.


Our watches are the embodiment of durability and resilience, their credibility established not only on Earth but also in the vast, unyielding expanse of space.

Subjected to the relentless tests of zero gravity, extreme temperatures, and punishing radiation, they've emerged not just unscathed but victorious.

If they can thrive in the infinite void of the cosmos, they are more than capable of meeting the rigors of your everyday adventures.

Boldly redefining Convention.

We build watches that don’t just endure; they adapt and they excel. They are designed to be with you through every climb, every dive, every expedition, and every milestone. They are ready for the scratches because each scratch becomes a testament to your journey. Fortis Watches are built for those who seek, those who explore, and those who break new ground.

Join us in celebrating a tradition that looks to the future. In the world of Fortis Watches, every second is an opportunity, every minute a new adventure, and every hour a story waiting to be told.

Discover the Fortis difference – where space-grade resilience meets terrestrial practicality, where timeless elegance meets rugged durability. Be a part of the narrative that spans not just decades, but galaxies. With Fortis Watches, you’re not just keeping time; you’re making history.