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Nov 13, 2023
12:27:36 PM

Stratoliner Supernova: Meet the First of Elite Thirteen.

The Stratoliner Supernova’s First Earthbound Mission has successfully concluded.

We’re thrilled to announce a momentous occasion at Fortis Watches! The Stratoliner Supernova, our star-studded timepiece that’s been on a real space mission, has now embarked on its most important journey yet – gracing the wrist of Oliver Ullrich.

Oliver isn’t just any watch enthusiast; he’s a pioneer in space exploration, a leader in aerospace medicine, and now, the first proud owner of a watch that’s as adventurous as he is.

Oliver is Full Professor and Director of the Innovation Cluster Space and Aviation of the University of Zurich (UZH Space Hub), specialized in Anatomy, Cell Biology, Immunology and Aerospace Medicine.

He is also Professor of Space Medicine (EAH Jena, Germany), Professor of Space Biotechnology (University of Magdeburg, Germany), BIT Adjunct Professor (Beijing Institute of Technology, BIT, China), elected Academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, President of the German Society for Aerospace Medicine, President of the Swiss SkyLab Foundation and initiator and leader of the Swiss Parabolic Flight program. He is recipient of several national and international research and teaching awards and has 18 years of experience as scientific leader of parabolic flight, suborbital ballistic rocket and International Space Station (ISS) missions in the ESA and NASA Space Life Sciences research program.

He has a post-graduate diploma in Theology from the Pontifical Lateran University (Rome/Vatican) and was ESA Astronaut Candidate (Selection 2008). He is enthusiastically committed to innovation in space, actively supports entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships and is co-founder of four successful start-up companies. Oliver’s accumulated mission experience is 17 parabolic flight missions, 9 suborbital missions and 9 orbital missions.

Oliver has flown more than 1200 parabolas and was more than 7 hours in microgravity in total. He is the recipient of the 2023 Life Sciences Award of the International Academy of Astronautics, the highest distinction worldwide in the Space Life Sciences.
Fortis Stratoliner S-41 White Dust Rocket SSC
In collaboration with the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), each Stratoliner Supernova watch has not just been designed with space in mind; it has been there.

Every piece has journeyed into the outer layers of our atmosphere, experiencing the thrill of zero gravity and the radiance of the cosmic frontier before returning to Earth.

Only 13 pieces exist globally, each embodying the aura of the cosmos in their construction and design.

The Stratoliner Supernova isn’t simply a watch - it’s a memento from the farthest corners of space, a badge of honor for the most daring explorers and visionaries among us.
Fortis Rocket SSC Stratoliner Gold White Dust Supernova
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"Space and time are the principles by which the human experience and perception of the world are governed. To me, a watch represents the embodiment of presence, the essence of the moment, and humanity's tether to the temporal realm.

The beauty of a watch brings forth the splendor of the moment and our temporal existence. At the same time, it also alludes to the eternity that lies beyond the realm of time.

The Stratoliner Supernova has traversed the cosmos. It serves as a bridge between humankind on Earth and the vastness of space, a symbol of the dawning new era for humanity. An era where we are poised to leave our home planet more frequently and for longer durations to explore new worlds." Prof. mult. Dr.med. Dr.rer.nat. Oliver Ullrich

Jupp, the visionary behind Fortis, shares Oliver’s excitement: “Oliver was a natural choice. His passion for discovery mirrors the essence of our Stratoliner. It’s a watch that’s meant for the ones who dream of reaching new horizons.”

The Stratoliner Supernova is not your typical watch—it’s a testament to human ambition and the boundless curiosity that propels us into the unknown. And as it begins its terrestrial journey with Oliver, we’re reminded that every tick is a step closer to the next giant leap for mankind.

Follow this extraordinary journey with us as we unveil the next chosen guardians for the Stratoliner Supernova. This isn’t just a watch; it’s a piece of history on your wrist.

Join us on this remarkable adventure as we reveal the future custodians of the Stratoliner Supernova. More than a timepiece, it’s a slice of the cosmos, a narrative of triumph, right there on your wrist.

Do you see yourself as one of the elite thirteen? Reach out to Jupp directly – while we’ve been swamped with interest, there’s always room for the exceptional. Stand out, be imaginative in your approach, and throw your hat in the ring. This is your chance to become part of an exclusive circle, where each member is a living testament to the extraordinary.

Dare to be different, and you could be the next to carry forward the legacy of the Stratoliner Supernova.