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Jun 25, 2021
12:45:00 PM

Swiss Glider Championships 2021

After a year of delay, the Swiss Glider Championships 2021 is taking place from 26th to 30th June, 2021 at the Airport in Grenchen.

The Jura will be the ideal race track for this competition, although individual turning points may also be located on the Central Plateau.

On each day, a task will be announced: This is a predefined flight distance, which may well be several hundred kilometers, which the pilots are to fly as quickly as possible – all with the help of the updrafts utilising the natural energy.

The start will be every day around 11am, as the thermal winds have to first develop fully with the sunlight.

Over 40 aircrafts will take off for the competition over the midday period. For this purpose, seven tow planes will be in operation. In addition to the three aircrafts with built-in towing winch based in Grenchen, four more will be provided by the Gliding Clubs of Zurich, Fribourg, Olten and Biel.

Grenchen Airport will be closed to all other traffic during this time.

The Swiss Glider Championship took place for the first time in 1942 in Grenchen.
The last Swiss Glider Championship in Grenchen was back in 2008.

Follow all flights live online.

In the past, pilots had to photograph their turning points from the air and flight time was measured manually.

Nowadays, the flight routes are recorded with the help of GPS and board-computers and uploaded to the website by the pilots after landing, which automatically creates the ranking list.

All flights of the competition can be followed via live tracking on the website of the Aeroclub Grenchen. 

We are delighted to support this event with the main prizes and are excited about the coming days. Why not pop in as well and spend an afternoon with the best glider pilots in Switzerland.