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Jun 04, 2021
12:47:30 PM

Of Talent and Passion

If you ever have experienced a human beatbox, then you’ll appreciate the true talent which lies beneath – it is so much more than using your face, mouth, voice, and throat to create music. It is the true art of self expression.

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A Match Made In Heaven

Swissbeatbox is the world’s largest beatboxing platform bringing together artists and fans of this wonderful art. We are delighted to support and join forces with this amazing community.

The values we share and our admiration for the talent and the passion of the individuals builds the strong bond between Swissbeatbox and our brand. While time and timing takes a central position in beatboxing, the complication in the art reflects our building blocks.

Check out the Swissbeatbox website and subscribe to their Youtube channel, which has recently reached 1 billion views, to stay up-to-date with the latest performances.