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Aug 26, 2022
12:47:28 PM

What sets us apart from others?

Dive into the world of Fortis.

Do you know what sets us apart from other brands? Our Values.

Our philosophy stretches from the design process to choosing the materials – from team spirit to marketing. Each and every part is well planned, discussed and redefined.

We are a close knit family of watch enthusiasts.

We are Fortis.


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In this video, you can learn more about all that sets us apart from others. Have fun discovering more about Fortis.

Fortis is the epitome of robust and powerful. To do justice to our name, all of our watches undergo rigorous tests – at the end of the day we have a reputation to fulfil and we ensure that each and every watch is worthy of all expectations.

Here are some of the prime examples of our watchmaking…