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Jun 09, 2023
12:17:21 PM

The Great Outdoors. Redefined by Adventure.

Don't just dive. Submerge.

Be it casting a line into the serene waters at dawn, catching the wind on your surfboard as the day unfolds, navigating through lush hiking trails in the afternoon, or setting up camp under the endless starry sky as the day gives way to night – the Marinemaster is your ultimate partner for every outdoor adventure.

Tailor-made for the rhythm of summer and beyond, it’s more than just a watch, it’s your ticket to a world of vibrant outdoor experiences.


Connecting to nature, life and the horizon.

The Marinemaster collection consists of colours inspired by nature: the M-40 is available in Rockstone Gray, Woodpecker Green, Serenity Blue and Snow White.

Cruising the slopes, conquering the cold: Marinemaster M-40 Snow White is Tobi's ultimate skiing companion.
Niklas embraces the chill with his Marinemaster M-40 Serenity Blue when sailing through the most remote waters of our planet.
From free wi-fi to wifi-free - the Marinemaster M-40 Rockstone Gray is your trusted ally on the most rugged terrains.
With your Marinemaster M-40 Woodpecker Green on your wrist, it's time to clear your schedules ans submerge into nature.
"Keine Termine und den Horizont vor Augen."

Which is your colour?