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Nov 26, 2021
12:47:22 PM

The pursuit of equality

Short while back, we announced our collaboration with Buckle & Seam. Their engagement and enthusiasm to change the world little by little is inspiring. In this guest article you can read a little more about their background and what makes them tick:

Big impact in a global world

The pursuit of equality

Buckle & Seam understands that they are not perfect. But they always want to keep on learning. The Start-up from Berlin takes responsibility for their actions. They are aware of the world’s social inequalities and therefore value every small step that brings change – from short to long term, from local to global. Through their critical thinking and ongoing awareness, they are constantly assessing their own actions. They engage with their fellow human beings, their environment and their positive influence.

We live in a global world in which our decisions can have an impact worldwide. How they operate here in Germany can also be noticed in Pakistan and other parts of the world. Not only can we take care of ourselves, we have to support local underserved communities. This is exactly why Buckle & Seam was born in the first place.

Since it was founded in 2016, Buckle & Seam has been committed to more than just selling their bags. With passion and ambition, Buckle & Seam is ready to take new directions and overcome obstacles. They want to lead by example, communicate transparently and be courageous. Because that’s the only way to change the world step by step.

Buckle & Seam fights for the fundamental right to education as it is the key to equality and the foundation of personal and professional development of every human being. 263 million children worldwide have no access to education and this is where the start-up comes in. They want to enable children who would normally not have access to education.

It all started in Pakistan, where the two founders met and only 59% of the population can read or write their own names. Today, thanks to their strong and loyal community, they can support building and equipping schools and initiatives for teachers. They have meanwhile been able to send over 1,000 children to school and give them the chance of a self determined life and income. A small contribution with a huge life changing impact! Not only for the children, but also for their families. Above all a great influence for young women, whose role in society is severely neglected, and who are now consciously strengthened through education and future opportunities that arise.

Check out the beautiful products they’ve crafted for us – perfect also as a meaningful Christmas present for a loved one.