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Jul 23, 2021
12:49:16 PM

This is how we do it

You always wanted to know how a mechanical watch works or how to shorten a bracelet on your watch? We prepared a number of videos for you sharing our knowledge about watchmaking and how to take care of your beloved Fortis.

Check out our watchmakers giving you all the background info on our YouTube Channel and if you haven’t yet, why not subscribe to stay up-to-date with all future additions to our videos.

Knowledge is power.

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Explained: How to adjust the length of the Fortis Block Bracelet
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Explained: How to set the time and date on your Fortis watch with WERK 13
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Explained: How to mount the Aviator Strap to your Fortis watch

Check out the other videos about our watches, space story, local heroes, partners and so much more enternatining content on our YouTube Channel here! Enjoy!

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