Digital Concierge

Get a personal Live-Session with one of our great Fortis Team Members

In times of digitalization, personal buying experiences are of particular importance. We know very well how strange it might feel to spend a lot of money online. To ensure that you have a great experience and feel comfortable we invented the Digital Concierge.

With the new Fortis digital Live Concierge Service, you have the opportunity to receive advice on your next new Fortis Watch from the comfort of your own home.

What is Digital Concierge?

Fortis Digital Concierge offers you the opportunity to receive advice on your next Fortis Watch from the comfort of your own home or while you are on the road. For this purpose, a live stream is set up between you and one of our Staff, where you can see our Atelier, our watchmakers and our watches. This means that you can see everything our staff member sees via video transmission and you can communicate with him online.

How does the consultation work?

Our crew members are equipped with data glasses that enable them to establish an online connection with you via the Internet. Once the connection is established, you see your desired watch on your screen through the eyes of the Fortis employee, so to speak. He can show you all the details directly on the watch and wrist and respond to your wishes and questions.

What requirements do I have to meet?

To use the Fortis Digital Concierge, you need an end device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) with a good and stable Internet connection. Neither registration nor a software download is necessary. To start the live consultation, you only need to log into the consultation and you’re ready to go!

Choose the watch you want to have a personal session with