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aviation story.
how it all began.
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the first around-the-world trip.

As the world became more connected through new travel and transport options in the early 20th century, Fortis rose to the challenge. We focused on crafting watches that were not just robust, but also highly legible, meeting the demands of this new era of exploration.


first steps toward the pilot watch.

Inspired by the functional designs of the WWII B-Uhr (“Beobachtungsuhr” or “Observation Watch”), Fortis launched the Quartz Sky-Watch. This was quickly followed by an automatic version based on the same design, setting a trend for B-Uhr inspired watches.

flieger: precision, design and functionality.

Precision is non-negotiable, especially when the air gets thinner. For decades, we’ve been committed to equipping pilots around the world with Flieger watches that epitomize robustness, ultimate readability, design elegance, and unparalleled accuracy.

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pros: the choice of elite pilots and squadrons.

Some of the world’s best military and aerobatic pilots, as well as elite squadrons, have chosen Fortis watches as their official timekeeping instruments for their unparalleled reliability and robustness. Further elevating our commitment, several models have been inspired, designed, and developed in close collaboration with these professionals to meet their specific needs and requirements.