A Tool, Not Just Another Dial in the Cockpit


According to tens of thousands of pilots and aviation enthusiasts worldwide and counting, FORTIS has been producing probably the best sky-conquering tools in the world. According to the rest of them, they are considering adding one to their shopping list.

Key Milestones

As decades went by, many things changed within our company. One of the things we kept consistent, though, is a relentless passion for human flight. In spite of our love of the skies being almost a century old, it is only getting stronger.

World Record Holders

FORTIS has always had a thing for people pushing the limits. We’ve accompanied two significant world records: the highest altitude helicopter flight and the civilian world altitude record. Follow the link below to find out all the details.

Favorite watches of pilots worldwide

From the Swiss Air force to dizzying aerobats like Castor Fantoba, our watches have been beloved by sky-conquering professionals and amateurs alike.



Superbly built tool watches for men addicted to flight, and the ones forever looking skyward.

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