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by xavier.
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Synchroline. Brixtrack. Ultimate readability. Curious about how Xavier conceived the design elements and functionality ideas for the new Flieger?

Watch the video here and get a glimpse into his creative journey.

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Made for the outdoors. For adventure. For everyday life. Find out what inspired Xavier’s new designs for the Marinemaster collection.

Watch the video and journey into his creative process.

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Creating a watch for Mars is more challenging than one might think. Material, functionality, timelessness. Learn about the unique constraints and inspirations that shaped Xavier’s design for the ultimate Martian timepiece.

Watch the video and explore the intricacies of his creative process.

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Thoughts of a Visionary: Xavier delves into the innovative process that shaped the Stratoliner. Designed for and approved in the stratosphere, this watch sets a new standard in design and functionality.

Tune in to the video to explore the inspiration and challenges behind this pioneering creation.

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A legacy, reborn: Xavier takes on the monumental task of redefining the legend, paying homage to its legacy while setting new benchmarks. His creative vision doesn’t just update a classic; it reimagines what the space watch can be for a new generation.

Watch the video to delve into how Xavier navigated this intricate design challenge, fusing tradition with future-forward innovation.

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