There is no function without design.
And vice versa.



was founded in 2001 by Xavier Perrenoud. Xavier was born in the Swiss watchmaking valley and comes from a manufacturing family. With a mix of young talents and long lasting working relationships, XJC is specialised in Art direction, “sur-mesure” lectures and luxury product design. With a philosophy of perfection and constant innovation, XJC works with the most prestigious and internationally renowned watchmaking and luxury brands.


cannot be written without “sign”.

It is the most significant signature of a brand. The Design. Without a good design the best product will fail because if it is not a good design nobody wants to have it. But it is also the same way round: You can have the most beautiful design ever. If there is no function it won’t make sense to the people. And that’s why we work with Xavier. He finds the perfect balance between both worlds.



"I always have the impression that a project is never finished, the doubt is always there, at its maximum level. If it ever disappears, then it will be time to do something else."


“Because Xavier means so much to Fortis we made him a Local Hero. So every time we create new fascinating timepieces we will capture his thoughts, ideas and visions and let you participate in the fantastic world of design.”

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