There is no function without design.
And vice versa.

Meet Xavier.


was founded in 2001 by Xavier Perrenoud. Xavier was born in the Swiss watchmaking valley and comes from a manufacturing family. With a mix of young talents and long lasting working relationships, XJC is specialised in Art direction, “sur-mesure” lectures and luxury product design.

With a philosophy of perfection and constant innovation, XJC works with the most prestigious and internationally renowned watchmaking and luxury brands.


cannot be written without “sign”.

Undeniably, a brand’s most potent cipher is its Design. An impeccable fusion of aesthetics and function, it dictates the brand’s pulse and resonance. Without a masterfully crafted design, even the most revolutionary product risks obscurity, for it is within the realm of design that desire is nurtured. If the design doesn’t stir the soul, it fails to ignite the flame of desire, and thus, the product is dismissed.

However, the inverse is equally valid. Beauty, in all its subjective glory, might arrest attention, yet if devoid of purpose, it becomes an empty vessel. The most exquisite design, bereft of function, is a siren call that leads only to disillusionment. It’s like a sonnet without a heart, beautiful but hollow.

That’s precisely why we collaborate with Xavier. He doesn’t merely create designs; he conjures art infused with purpose. Xavier harnesses the symphony of aesthetics and function, producing designs that are not only visually striking but also steeped in significance. He strikes the perfect balance, capturing the sublime dance between both worlds. And in doing so, he breathes life into our brand.



"I always have the impression that a project is never finished, the doubt is always there, at its maximum level. If it ever disappears, then it will be time to do something else." - Xavier


Xavier is no mere contributor to Fortis, he’s the pulsating creative heart, the alchemist transmuting ideas into tangible brilliance. Each innovative timepiece we craft is imbued with his ingenious spirit, echoes of his captivating thoughts, and the vivid colors of his visionary landscapes.

We extend an invitation to you, an invitation to immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of design, navigating its uncharted depths guided by Xavier’s transformative visions. Click here to watch his story.