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1960: spacematic - timekeeping beyond earth.

In the 1960s, Fortis partnered with NASA’s Gemini program to create the Spacematic watch.

Rigorously tested and designed for the unique demands of space travel, it proved to be a reliable and vital part of the mission.

1992: stratoliner - elevating the vision.

The era of Stratoliner commenced as Fortis joined hands with visionaries, creating a timepiece that epitomizes the limitless potential of the stratosphere.

A symbol of mankind’s expansive reach, the Stratoliner was designed to excel in one of the most demanding environments known.


1994: official cosmonauts - timekeepers of the final frontier.

After the successful inclusion of Fortis watches in the West In Space project, the Russian space agency swiftly designated Fortis as part of their official equipment.

Designed to withstand the challenges of space travel, the Official Cosmonauts watch epitomizes precision and durability, serving as a reliable companion not only for those who venture beyond Earth’s atmosphere but also for those who demand the utmost in reliability.

the next giant leap: mars.

Having already established ourselves as the timekeeper of choice in the early analog Mars missions, notably the Mars500 Project in 2007, we’ve set a new ambitious goal: To become the first watch to set time on the Martian surface and accompany the first real mission to Mars.

With our eyes firmly set on the red planet, we’re pioneering innovations to craft the ultimate Martian timepiece, combining rigorous design with extreme resilience. As we collaborate with space agencies and scientists in the Amadee Mission, our commitment to being the ultimate Mars watch is unwavering.

2023: novonaut - a legacy reborn.

After two decades of steadfast service from the legendary B-42 Official Cosmonauts, the long-awaited successor has finally arrived.

Novonaut is more than a new chapter; it’s the continuation of a legacy that has set standards in durability and performance. Designed with the future in mind, it embodies the pioneering spirit that has always defined us.