Floating in Zero-G Since 1992


‘How many hours have your watches spent in space?’ is a question we get asked quite a lot. The answer: hard to tell.
Why? Well, if you simply start counting all the expeditions to the Mir and the ISS, it’s easy to lose track. So let’s put it this way: if our watches had vision, they would know the ins and outs of Mir and ISS modules better than the engineers themselves.

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Key Milestones

Our space heritage dates back to the Gemini program. Click to find out more about all the important milestones.

Spaceproof Watches

Our watches have been proven as reliable tools during take-off, landing, the controlled zero-G environments of Mir and the ISS as well as unforgivingness of outer space.

The Next Giant Leap: mars

The Red Planet. Mankind’s only hope for survival to some, pure extravagance to the others. Be it as it may, we have our eyes on Mars. Read more about our involvement with visionary organizations working hard on sending man 225 million kilometers away from Earth.



Since 1992, FORTIS watches have been floating in space. Now we are preparing for the next giant leap — colonizing Mars.

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