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swedish space corporation: excellence beyond the atmosphere.

In a meticulously researched and precisely orchestrated testing phase, our latest in-house caliber, WERK 17, underwent rigorous evaluation in collaboration with our new partner, the Swedish Space Corporation. Tested and approved under the harsh conditions of the stratosphere, WERK 17 met and conquered a multitude of challenges: microgravity, extreme temperatures, radiation, micro-density, and even gusty winds reaching speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour. This phase of extreme validation affirms WERK 17’s capability to perform under the most demanding conditions, elevating our standards for what a Tool Watch can endure.


matthias: master of speed, precision and passion.

We are proud to introduce Matthias Malmedie, a titan in the automotive industry and a symbol of high-octane passion and expertise, as the newest member of our illustrious partner family. Matthias’s dynamic approach to life, combined with his deep-rooted love for precision and performance, perfectly aligns with the Fortis philosophy. Together, we are set to embark on a journey that celebrates the fusion of timeless elegance and the thrill of the drive.

benny: drummer, composer, and echo jazz laureate.

As a drummer who transcends boundaries, Benny Greb is revered not just for his technical prowess but also for his artistry as a composer and bandleader. Known globally for headlining renowned international drum festivals and conducting insightful clinics, he’s not just a performer but an educator and mentor. With his group Moving Parts, Benny claimed the prestigious German Echo Jazz Award, further cementing his status as one of the most innovative and respected figures in modern drumming.

austrian space forum: pioneering the future of martian timekeeping.

Our alliance with the Austrian Space Forum, a premier institution leading Mars analog missions, propels us to new frontiers in timekeeping for interplanetary exploration. Comprising experts from an array of disciplines, including the spaceflight sector, the Austrian Space Forum’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation synergizes impeccably with our own ambitions. Together, we aim to shape the future of human exploration on Mars, setting new benchmarks for reliability and performance in the harshest conditions the Red Planet has to offer.

lukas: freediver and guardian of sharks.

Ever since a captivating encounter with a blue shark at the tender age of three, Lukas has been on a lifelong journey to understand and preserve marine life. He’s not just an enthusiast but a scholar, dedicating his time and efforts to research, conservation, and protection of the ocean’s inhabitants. As a crucial part of our testing team, Lukas rigorously evaluates every aspect of our Marinemaster collection to ensure top-notch performance beneath the waves.

pc-7 team: a legacy of dynamic precision.

Dynamic. Elegant. Precise. For over three decades, the PC-7 Team has epitomized these very attributes, showcasing the advanced training and capabilities of the Swiss Armed Forces to the public. Our enduring partnership has been a catalyst for continual advancements in the field of pilot watches, embodying a shared ethos of excellence and innovation.

team niebergall: a father-son duo soaring the skies.

Step into the captivating universe of Team Niebergall, an extraordinary father-son duo that has stolen the hearts of millions worldwide with their remarkable talents and devotion to aerobatics. Ralf and Nico Niebergall are more than just pilots; they are artists of the sky, captivating audiences with their airborne prowess.

marc: fortis test pilot.

Marc is more than just a test pilot for Fortis – based in Grenchen, he is a successful businessman and an adrenaline junkie with a thirst for the skies. As the proud owner of one of the few Turbine Legend aircrafts worldwide, Marc embodies the spirit of daring exploration and cutting-edge technology. Whenever we unveil new pilot instruments, Marc is the first to get hands-on, rigorously assessing readability, functionality, and design.

niklas: lens, sails, and a heart for adventure.

At a glance, Niklas is a photographer and sailor, but at his core, he’s an intrepid adventurer with a passion for the tranquility and solitude his journeys offer. Whether capturing the world through his lens or navigating the high seas, our Marinemaster is always his steadfast companion on board.


peak evolution

On the 26.11.2023 the Peak Evolution Team set a new altitude World record for electric four wheeled Vehicles at 5950 masl at Ojos del Salado in Chile. Powered by solar energy from their mobile solar power plant, they covered 390 km from the Pacific Coast at Puerto Viejo, CL to a point about 120 vertical meters above Camp Tejos on the Volcano Ojos del Salado on the Border between Chile and Argentina. With them the Marinemasters.

frederik: mastering the green with precision and style.

Frederik Rosar isn’t just a golfer; he’s a relentless tester of boundaries, both on and off the course. With a Marinemaster strapped to his wrist, he doesn’t just aim for holes-in-one; he also puts the watch through its paces, subjecting it to the same rigorous conditions that his game demands. Whether he’s swinging an 8 Iron or a Driver, the numbers don’t lie – both Frederik and his Fortis timepiece deliver exceptional performance. Together, they prove that luxury and durability can coexist, even in the high-impact world of golf.

tobi: master of slopes, tester of extremes.

From the Austrian Alps to global competitions, Tobi’s love for skiing knows no bounds. Starting at age 3, he’s evolved from racing gates to becoming a professional freeskier, capturing accolades such as runner-up at the “Red Bull Playstreets” and second place in the “Line of the Year Award.” Today, he pushes the limits of our Marinemaster collection, subjecting it to the rigors of extreme skiing conditions.

romano: master of open waters.

Known for conquering immense distances in open waters, Romano is the first and only person to ever swim the length of Lake Lucerne. His achievements serve as the ultimate test bed for our Marinemaster collection, pushing the timepieces to their limits under extreme stress conditions.