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this is fortis.
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our purpose. redefined.

At Fortis, we channel unparalleled dedication into crafting the ultimate Tool Watch.
Robust. Unconventional. Redefined.

More than utility, we offer luxury that integrates seamlessly into your life.
As an independent, family-owned brand, we use only the finest materials, tested in the extremes of outer space for your everyday reliability.

This is Fortis. Tool Watch. Redefined.

at home in the cosmos.

For more than three decades, we’ve crafted the ultimate Space Watch.

Our perspective is literally out-of-this-world – we’ve beheld Earth from its orbital heights again and again. Astronauts and cosmonauts alike rely on our timepieces; we’re even an official part of space missions, validated by the exacting standards of Roscosmos.

We stand alone as the sole timepiece genuinely tested and proven in the space frontier. Our aspiration soars ever further – to be the inaugural watch to tick away Martian time. When that pivotal moment arrives, rest assured, we will be ready. We collaborate in simulated Mars expeditions and mimic its harsh conditions. Our movements are scrutinized in the stratosphere and beyond.

We are the Space Watch.

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king of the skies.

For as long as we can remember, our mission has been to be a reliable companion. Robust. Timeless. It’s no surprise, that we are adorned by pilots spanning the globe.

We take great pride in the trust that so many professional pilots place in us, and it’s our daily endeavor to meet and exceed those high standards. In collaboration with industry experts, we’ve refined the Pilot Watch for over 60 years, ceaselessly advancing material quality, functionality, and intricate details. That’s why pilots wear Flieger.

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pioneers of the world's first automatic watch.

Back in 1912, when Walter Vogt founded the company in Grenchen, he strategically chose a location near the train station for easy access to global markets and favorable conditions to build Fortis into a brand steeped in tradition.

Today, we remain in that very same location – the birthplace of the world’s first mass-produced automatic watch in 1926: the iconic Harwood. Conceived by inventor John Harwood and crafted in Grenchen, this groundbreaking timepiece has irrevocably shaped the history of automatic watches as we know them.

Over the years, we’ve also introduced pioneering innovations like the first waterproof watches, including the enduring Marinemaster, which continues to be a cornerstone of our collection to this day.

disruptive and unconventional: the legacy of innovation.

The 1960s heralded the debut of the renowned Flipper – a groundbreaking concept that allowed for interchangeable straps and watch modules. It was a vibrant era, with legends like Keith Richards and Mick Jagger donning our creations. Over a million units sold annually laid the foundation for what would later be known as Swatch.

As time passed, we pivoted to focus on the modern and timeless essence of the Tool Watch. Leveraging our accomplishments in aviation and space, we set new standards for today’s Tool Watch. Still unconventional. Still family-run. Constantly pushing boundaries. Today, we embody rugged luxury that gracefully handles life’s scuffs and scratches. We’re not meant for the safe; we’re designed for you. Your adventures. Your life. We are Tool Watch. Redefined.

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