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recycled stainless steel.

Exceptionally Durable. Corrosion-Resistant. Beautifully Brushed. Built for a Lifetime.

Our Distinction? Recycled. A Sustainable Choice, Uncompromising on Quality and Aesthetics.



Robust. Corrosion-resistant. Hypoallergenic. Anti-magnetic. Boasting one of the best strength-to-weight ratios, it’s a preferred material in aerospace. Strong as steel but only half the weight. Simply fantastic.



Robust and nearly indestructible, sapphire ranks as the third hardest transparent material in the world, following Moissanite and Diamond. Paired with our specialized anti-reflective coating, it contributes to creating some of the world’s most legible timepieces.


Inspired by nature and the creatures lurking in the dark depths of our planet, we utilize Superluminova® X1 for unparalleled luminosity. Brilliantly bright, it pierces through the darkness.

Whether you’re camping in the woods, flying through the night sky, or stepping onto the dance floor, it ensures you’ll never lose sight of time.



With the launch of the new Flieger, we’ve introduced the Aviator Strap – crafted from black, grained, vegetable-tanned natural leather, complete with a buckle clasp.

Sourced sustainably and handcrafted in Germany, it’s the epitome of quality and conscientious craftsmanship.


fkm rubber.

Built to Endure: Made from superior elastomers, our FKM rubber straps offer exceptional comfort and durability.

Designed to withstand the elements, they’re the ideal choice for those looking for a strap that’s as rugged as it is comfortable.