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The Ultimate.


is used for its lightness. It displays one of the best ratios between robustness and weight, which makes it a popular material especially within aeronautics and space.

After all, it’s Titanium. It’s Corrosion Resistant. Anti-Allergic. Anti-Magnetic. Strong as steel with half the weight. Just awesome.

The Tough.

Stainless Steel.

Exceptionally durable. Corrosion resistant. Beautifully brushed. Made to last.


A variation of Corundum, Sapphire is the third toughest transparent material in the world - right after Moissanite and diamonds.

Combined with our special antireflective coating we create some of the best readable watches in the world.

The Visible.

Inspired by nature and the beasts from the dark depths of our planet: SUPERLUMINOVA X1. And it is bright. It shines through the darkness. Whether you are camping out in the forest, flying at night or hitting the dance floor, it ensures that you never lose the track of time.

The Sustainable.

With the new Flieger, we introduced the new Aviator Strap made of black, grained, vegetable-tanned natural leather with pin buckle. From sustainable resources. Handmade in Germany.