To the limit.
And beyond.

robust and powerful.

This is FORTIS.

To honor the weight our name carries, every one of our timepieces is subjected to a series of rigorous tests. We aren’t just fulfilling a reputation, we’re forging it with each moment, ensuring that every single watch surges beyond the realm of expectation.

Rooted in a legacy of traversing the cosmos, we strain our horological masterpieces to the threshold of their endurance.
And then, we push harder.


Because you’re deserve nothing less than extraordinary.

The state-of-the-art Fortis lab is equipped with latest quality control technology.


The Tortion-Distortion Test puts the bracelets to the limit with extreme pull and push movements

The impact tester simulates drops and launches of rigorous measures. If the watch survives this, then it can survive anything!

Evidently, our timepieces endure an elaborate odyssey of testing. Although you may not be an astronaut destined for cosmic voyages, we engineer each Fortis watch to endure a Martian sojourn and return unscathed.

Here’s our promise to you – we’re not just making watches; we’re crafting an interstellar legacy, ensuring that our decades-long tradition of space-grade horology persists and thrives.