Favorite watches of pilots worldwide

From the Swiss Air force to dizzying aerobats like Castor Fantoba, our watches have been beloved by sky-conquering professionals and amateurs alike.

Some of the world’s best military and aerobatic pilots as well as squadrons have chosen FORTIS watches as their official timekeeping tools because of their reliability and robustness. People and organizations that have trusted FORTIS watches so far include:

  • Swiss Air Force PC-7 team
  • Swiss Air Force 11 Fighter Squadron
  • Aerobatic pilot Castor Fantoba
  • Yakitalia
  • Air Glaciers
  • Thunder Mustang Air Racing Team
  • Sennair
  • NATO Tigers
  • NATO Awacs
  • Hungarian Air Forces
  • German Army reconnaissance squadron ‘Immelmann 51’
  • TAP
  • Portugese Air Force ‘Fighting Falcons’
  • US Navy VFA-83 Rampagers Strike Fighter Squadron
  • Russian Knights
  • and many others
Swiss Air Force PC-7 team


Hungarian Air Force pilot