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Jun 02, 2023
11:47:11 AM

Thank you for joining us!

What an event yesterday at the Airfield in Mendig! You made the day into a great happening! Thank you for joining us!

Together with Jupp, Marcus aka “Uhrenratgeber”, and Team Niebergall, we enjoyed every minute.

Special thanks go to Germany’s most famous airshow duo, father Ralf and son Nico Niebergall, for their breathtaking flight show.

We hope you enjoyed the exciting talk with Jupp and Marcus in our brand new Space Container which will be available on Uhrenratgeber’s YouTube Channel shortly.

We hope you had the opportunity to try onsome of our new Flieger watches and enjoyed the evening BBQ!


Here are some highlights of this event.
Jupp and Marcus, aka Uhrenratgeber, had a great chat in the Fortis Space Container.
Team Niebergall showcased some amazing flying skills.
The winners of the exclusive flight were delighted to be flown over Mendig.
The guests enjoyed the sunny weather.

What were your impressions? We look forward to your feedback and your pictures.

Happy #FortisFriday!