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Jan 15, 2021
12:45:37 PM

How to take great watch pictures…

"The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words." Elliott Erwitt


With the start of #FortisFriday 2021, we put some great tips together to help you take better pictures of your beloved Fortis – even with your phone!

While some professional photographers may turn their noses up at using a smartphone to take photo is that a good photo is a good photo regardless of the apparatus used to take it.

While there are drawbacks with using your iPhone or Android Device in taking pictures, there are also many advantages. Here are some easy tips to achieve quick Smartphone Photography Success:

Keep Your Lens and Your Watch Clean

Unless you are using a full cover for your smartphone, the chances are there that your lens is smudged from your pocket, touching it to make calls or browse the internet. So, make sure your lens is clean before you start your Smartphone Photography.

Also clean your watch thoroughly using a dry microfiber cloth. Hard to reach places can be cleaned with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.

Use A Tripod

Always use a tripod to prevent shakes. The closer you are to the subject, the more visible the shake will be. Investing in a tripod also will offer options for using a Bluetooth remote control for wrist-shots and selfies.

Keep lt Simple

One of the biggest mistakes an amateur photographer makes is that they often overcomplicate photos. Too many details and accessories can be distracting so your focus should be on one interesting aspect in order to create that amazing shot. Don’t worry if most of your photo is filled with empty space as this will only enhance your subject more.

Don’t Ruin Your Piece Of Art With Over Editing

lt is important not to over process photos – something many amateurs do. The temptation is that with all the Smartphone Photography editing tools and apps available, beginners often think that by using such special effects will turn an average or bad picture into a good one, which is not the case. Apps can work well to improve a good photo but not a bad one.

Research and Learn from the Pros

There are several great articles out there. Read up on tips from the pros like Fratello or Hodinkee blogs. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just apply yourself with love and care!

Bonus Tip from @achickenwristsdelight – a Fortis fan and an amazing watch photographer with massive talent:

Use the manual settings on the phone. Play around with light, the shutter speed and aperture to discover unexpected and fascinating images. Take a lot of images of the same object, but change the settings for every shot to see the different results.

"When trying this, you will see which settings work and which don't. And in between, I can guarantee that some interesting images will appear :)" Anders aka @achickenwristsdelight

Here you can read more about how to be a part of #FortisFriday and enter the competition. Good Luck! Do you have any tips and tricks? Share it all with us!

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