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Michael started bobbing in 2014. Like many other athletes, he was discovered at an athletics meeting in Thun and then invited to a trial training session. In the first winter he was already part of the junior national team and was allowed to ride in two and four-man bobsleigh at the junior world championship in Altenberg. With his former regular pilot Clemens Bracher, he worked his way up to become the fastest pusher in Switzerland over the next few years. The dream of the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018 became reality.
After the 2018 Games Michael decided to take the steering ropes into his own hands and founded his own bob team.


Now Michael also wants to be a pilot at the olympic games 2022.

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We at Fortis believe that Local Heroes just like Michael do deserve more support to achieve their goals. Because we are sharing the same values and passion we feel connected to each other – so we joined forces and we invite you to participate. Together we will reach our goals.



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Time is an issue

"One of the major issues within the Swiss bob sport is the fact that we as athletes need to take care of everything ourselves which is a big disadvantage towards other teams that are supported by the government or theirlikes. I do pay for most of the expenses myself, we do all the workshop work ourselves, we have to find partners and sponsors ourselves, we need to have a regular job during the summer to finance all of this. I also need to pay the pushers a little bit out of my own pockets. So that`s all hours and minutes which are not available for a proper training." Michael Kuonen, Visp 2019

How to support

The best way to also support the whole bob team is to get in touch with Michael directly vie email: info@bobteamkuonen.com.

A very easy way to show your ambition is to become a member of the bob team fanclub right here.

It is a long and rocky road

During the next months and years we are supporting Michael and his team on its way to Beijing. Right here we will keep track of the things that happen. Stay tuned and watch this space if you want to see what`s happening next.

Episode 01: All in for Beijing
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Episode 01: All in for Beijing
Early summer morning training before going to work
preparation is gold - checking the steering ropes
After work workout
The team just a few minutes before the race begins