Xavier Perrenoud

La Chaux-de-Fonds





Known for


being a stimulator for creativity.

Xavier was born in the Swiss watchmaking valley and comes from a manufacturing family.

With a philosophy of perfection and constant innovation, Xavier works with the most prestigious and internationally renowned watchmaking and luxury brands.

Xavier is not a classic local hero. For us he is a mentor, proportionist and stimulator. He stimulates our creativity. Makes us think. Even if he doesn’t fit into the classic Local Hero scheme, he follows all his actions with burning passion.

Time to unlearn what you have learnt.

"I always have the impression that a project is never finished, the doubt is always there, at its maximum level. If it ever disappears, then it will be time to do something else." X.
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Meet Xavier.
Driven by his search for constant innovation, Xavier developed a research laboratory at XJC, focussing on new material and production processes. Xavier is also a professor with tenure in ECAL for the Master of Advanced Studies for luxury and craftsmanship.
Martial arts is a balance for me between body and mind. What interests me in practising martial arts is to always improve by questioning everything - and I think that the link between martial arts and my job as a designer is always questioning everything.

The making of a legend...

How did Xavier come up with the design elements and ideas for the functionality of the new Flieger? Watch the video and get an insight on his creative journey…

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Have you ever wondered how a true redefined space tool is created. Watch the video below to see how Xavier absorbes all facts and reiterates it into something complete new.

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