Niklas Marc Heinecke



Sailing the thin line between solitude and serenity

At first glance, Niklas is a photographer and sailor. But above all, he is an avid adventurer.

He loves the serenity and the solitude his adventures take him to.

Niklas has always been drawn to visually strong elements. Starting off as an actor, he soon moved behind the camera. Combining his photography skills with his thirst for adventure, Niklas started spending more and more time on the sea, sailing to the most remote places our planet has to offer.

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Why is Niklas always drawn to adventure? What makes him tick? Watch him explain.

We admire Niklas’ professional skills, his commitment, charisma and his dedication to his craft. It is a great joy to be a part of his adventures.

A selection of his best pictures can be admired in his latest book “Cold Waters”. Please follow this link to order.

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