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Stratoliner S-41 White Dust Supernova

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Stratoliner S-41 White Dust Supernova

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The Cosmic Experience on your Wrist.

Adorned with a magnificent gold ring, each Stratoliner Supernova reflects the grandeur of celestial bodies. Its stellar aesthetics are further elevated by the Super-LumiNova X1 detailing, lavishly coated in gold.

This design guarantees stellar visibility even in the darkest hours, echoing the constancy of the stars that shine regardless of the darkness around them.

Authenticity. Certified.

In collaboration with the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), each Stratoliner Supernova watch has not just been designed with space in mind; it has been there.

Every piece has journeyed into the outer layers of our atmosphere, experiencing the thrill of zero gravity and the radiance of the cosmic frontier before returning to Earth.

As such, they carry a unique pedigree of authenticity that truly distinguishes them as a one-of-a-kind treasure.


Glamour of the Cosmos.

Only 13 pieces exist globally, each embodying the aura of the cosmos in their construction and design.

The Stratoliner Supernova isn’t simply a watch—it’s a memento from the farthest corners of space, a badge of honor for the most daring explorers and visionaries among us.

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Acquire the Inaccessible.

Due to the extreme exclusivity of this cosmic chronometer, it’s not available for open purchase. Interested connoisseurs must apply to Jupp himself for the privilege of owning this celestial masterpiece. By doing so, you’re not just expressing interest in a watch; you’re vying for a chance to hold a piece of the cosmos, an artifact that has witnessed the infinity of space and time.

The selection process is meticulously curated by Jupp himself, ensuring that each Stratoliner Supernova finds its rightful owner, an individual who appreciates its rare essence and cosmic lineage but above all, someone who will use it, cherish it and create memories with it.

Join the ranks of a select few who dare to dream beyond our world, those who strive to touch the stars and bring a piece of them back home. Apply for the opportunity to own the Stratoliner Supernova today – a watch that tells more than just time, it tells a story of space, adventure, and unparalleled ambition. Apply now with a personal email to

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